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Recipe of the Month: Rainbow Pizza

Quick story:

My daughter, Confetti, had a career day where I was able to teach her friends about the benefits of eating the rainbow, and how I have the coolest job in the world helping the people that help everyone... our first responders! The big takeaways for the kids were that...

1. People specializing in Tactical Nutrition (aka first responder & military nutrition) are needed, because we can't expect them to help others to the best of their abilities if no one is helping them.

2. Eating the rainbow gives your different nutrients and vitamins, making your diet well-rounded.

3. It's fun to try new foods! Ps. research has showed that you may need to try a food 10x or more before you accept it!

4. Fruit CAN be on pizza!


Serves: 4 people, Serving size: 1/4 rainbow pizza, Prep time: 5 mins, Cook time: 5 mins

1 whole grain tortilla

Your favorite fruit (we use 1 banana & 4 strawberries)

4 tbsp. Greek yogurt, non-fat vanilla

Topping options:

Honey drizzle

Rainbow sprinkles


Cut whole grain tortilla into 4 slices (*TIP: use kitchen scissors)

Take 1 tortilla triangle and spread on 1 tbsp. of the yogurt

Slice banana (or favorite fruit) into bite size slices

Top your tortilla & yogurt with your fruit pieces

Option to add extra toppings or drizzle 

Repeat process and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts per serving depend on the toppings you choose


Fat:  g (Saturated Fat:  g) 

Sodium:  mg

Carbs:  g

Dietary Fiber:  g 

Protein:  g

*A note from the nutritionist:

This is a healthy snack to get the family chatting and "cooking" together in the kitchen. 

Whole grains: may slow the absorption of food and reduce the risk of blood sugar spiking.

Who cares? Everyone should, but firefighters have a higher prevalence for excessive adiposity (extra body fat) and the issues that are associated with that, like diabetes. 

Fruit: has antioxidants to protect cells and reduce risk of cancer.

Who cares? Everyone should, but firefighters have a higher prevalence of being diagnosed with cancer than the general population. 

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