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The Full Story

My "Why"

As a tactical nutrition specialist, I understand firsthand the challenges that first responders face on a daily basis. Having worked 18-hour days in law enforcement in the Air Force while suffering from PTSD and insomnia, I know what it's like to simply survive but not thrive. I remember wishing I had access to a dietitian and resources to help me do more than just make it through day. That's why I'm here now, to help first responders and their families achieve a state of wellness that encompasses their physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and professional well-being. By supporting our first responders, we can make our communities safer and show them the appreciation they deserve for all that they do.

Firefighter Gear Lying on Truck

My Mission

Mitigate risks with tailored first responder nutrition education and community involvement because as a veteran, I know what it's like to survive, and not thrive.

My Vision

To provide tactical athletes and their families with the resources they need to thrive, not just survive.

Preparing Food
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