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I am excited to meet you where you are in your wellness journey!

Canton Twp. Fire Department fire truck with Alex Root.
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Hello there!

Welcome to Rooted In Dietetics LLC, where I'm passionate about creating a supportive health & wellness environment for you, your department, & your community. I'm Alex Root, your nutrition coach & consultant. I'm excited to collaborate with you to achieve your goals. Thanks for stopping by & don't forget to check out "Work With Me" to learn more about what I offer.

Vegan and vegetarian food bowl.
Van Buren Twp. Fire Department truck with Alex Root, nutritionist and consultant.
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Fire Station Cooking Classes: Topic Ideas
1. Smoothies & Hydration
2. Protein & Performance

3. Food Safety Fun
4. Portion Control & Performance
5. Mental Health Lunchbox

Christopher J. Stoecklein, Fire Chief for Canton Public Safety
“Working with Alex during her nutrition internship was an absolute pleasure.  The classes she taught our department were enlightening for all of our members.  Her knowledge in nutrition, combined with her passion for teaching, created an engaging and informative learning environment.  Her commitment to fostering a collaborative atmosphere in the fire service allowed for stimulating discussions and enhanced the department’s understanding of the importance of nutrition in our profession.  I highly recommend Alex’s class to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of nutrition and lead a healthier lifestyle.”
David C. McInally II, Fire Chief & PEM for Van Buren Twp
"As a fire chief, my job demands peak physical and mental performance. Joining Rooted in Dietetics nutrition class has been a game-changer for me and my team. The expert guidance and personalized approach have empowered us to make healthier food choices, optimizing our energy levels and overall well-being. With their insightful teachings, we've learned practical strategies to fuel our bodies effectively, ensuring we're always ready to respond with strength and agility. Highly recommend this class to any first responder looking to enhance their performance and prioritize their health."
1-on-1 Virtual Client Testimonial:
“Rooted In Dietetics has been so helpful in my journey to be healthier. Alex has so much knowledge and insight, I feel the difference in my body. She makes sure I have all the tools, information, and resources I need to achieve my goals and feel better. Very professional and caring at the same time, only nutrition expert I’ll need!”
Nutrition Speaking Event Testimonial:
"I had an amazing experience with the tactical athlete nutrition speaker, Alex Root. Her presentation was dynamic, captivating the audience with energy and passion. What set her apart was their practical advice, grounded in real-world experience. She understood the unique challenges of tactical athletes and offered tailored nutrition plans for optimal performance. Rooted In Dietetics LLC shows commitment to mentorship, which is inspiring, guiding aspiring dietitians with expert advice. Thanks to Alex, I feel equipped and ready to make a difference. For top-notch tactical nutrition learning, Rooted In Dietetics LLC is the place to be."
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